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New Summer Rentals Announcement

DoubleNest Hammock rental

It’s Beach Party Time: New Summer Rentals

NEW Summer Rentals!

Rentluggage is proud to ANNOUNCE a NEW Way to save you time, money and headaches this upcoming summer season. Drum Roll Please…

We are proud to announce our new Beach Party Rentals for the upcoming summer travel season. What exactly is in this new BEACH PARTY Rental?

Rentluggage is now offering beach chairs, shade, hammocks and table for rent for that beach, summer house or camping vacation.

  • Soak up the sun with our beach chairs.
  • Relax under a big oak with our hammocks.
  • Plan the perfect romantic picnic with our tables.

We have gathered our favorite items that we believe make your relaxation that much more enjoyable and fun and put them together for you to rent.  Nothing beats a relaxing day or week at your favorite watering hole with family and friends. 

Use our rentals to have these summer travel tools items shipped to your summer destination directly and prevent having to haul them there yourself or storing them in those winter months you aren’t using them. Save time, money and heavy lifting with these rental deals. 

Why buy these items when you can rent from us for a fraction of the cost? Use our rentals to spend one more day at the beach guilt free. 

DoubleNest Hammock rental; summer rentals

Hammock Rentals Start as low as $19.99! Views like this are always better in a Hammock.


beach chair rental; summer rentals

A Four Pack of Beach Chairs are only $59.99! Think of all that relaxing you can accomplish with this low price.


beach table rental; summer rentals

Rent a Table for a Beach Picnic for only $14.99. Goes great with sunsets and romantic moments.

Not ready to rent, no worries, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and we will send you great summer rentals ideas and deals to use on your next vacation.  Our goal is to make your vacation  or adventure that much more enjoyable.


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