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Ten Reasons to Rent a Camping Tent from Us

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Ten Reasons to Rent a Camping Tent from Us

Ten Reasons to Rent a Camping Tent from Us


1. The kids are arguing continuously with each other,

2. The wife is fuming made because of all the bugs attacking her and

3. You are struggling to figure out how to get this brand new $400 tent installed.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, we at Rentluggage have a solution that will solve much of this scary scenario…

It is simple, rent an easy to install camping tent from us for only a fraction compared to purchasing new. 

We at Rentluggage have come up with ten reasons why you should rent us this summer.  Give it a read and then give us a try.

1. You save $$$.  It is cheaper to rent a tent from us then purchasing a brand new one that costs several hundred dollars.  

2. You save time.  We ship your rental car carrier right to your door and provide  you a free return shipping label. All you have to do is drop the bag off at your closest FedEx Store in a box with our FedEx label on it. We will even tell you where your closest FedEx store is when you rent from us.  No need to hunt at department stores to find an outdoor tent.

3.  We save you from the shopping crowds. With our tent rentals that ship right to your door, no reason to go to the big box retailers and fight to shop.  Just sit back and let us do the work. We are glad to help. We know you already have enough on your plate.

4. You save precious closet/garage space. With our tent rentals, when you are finished with the camping tent, you get to ship it away and not store it in your garage or closet. We think closet and/or garage space is awesome and not something that should be wasted on an unused camping tent. 

5.  Go Green.  When you rent a tent from us, you are helping to prevent the waste of limited resources to make extra items people don’t really need or want.

6. You get to try something NEW. You get to try out a simple new rental luggage service that you will make your life easier. 

7.  Did we mention we save you $$$? See Reason 1. 

8.  Hassle-free process. You can rent a tent without having to talk to a single person. Just a few clicks and you are set. Though we are available if you have questions. 

9.  Quick Installation . You get to rent a tent that installs quickly. We hand selected camping tents that install in under 5 minutes.  We know you have enough to worry about, we don’t want to make your life more complex. 

10.  Get to explore more. With the money you save from renting, you can use it on more exciting things like shows, books, sporting events, kids, grandparents, parks, museums….

Persuaded? Check out our tent options here.  Be the first of your friends and family to try us out and experience our rental tents.  

Want to hear what our satisfied customers are saying about their rental experience, check out our testimonials here

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