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Tips When Cleaning and Storing Your Bicycle Travel Bag

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Pro Tips When Cleaning and Storing Your Bicycle Travel Bag

Pro Tips When Cleaning and Storing Your Bicycle Travel Bag

DAKINE Bike Roller BagPicture this. You just made it home after an incredible cycling outing with your bicycle. Below is a a tip you may not have thought of to set yourself for cycling success in the future.

What is it exactly? Tips to cleaning and storing your bicycle travel bag.

Overall, do this job today to set yourself up for the future. Letting the travel bag sit only makes it harder to tackle the challenge after the rush of a successful race has passed.

A plethora of steps can be used for cleaning and storing depending the obstacles you face. Below we discuss some essential cleaning and storage practices to make your life easier and allow you to use your bicycle travel bag for many trips ahead.


Bullet List Guide for real life application.

  • thule BIKEROLLERBAG-BLACK-v5First, open up your travel case and start removing all the bicycle parts one by one making sure to wipe down the bicycle parts to prevent rust and inspect for broken or damaged parts. If you find a broken or damaged bike part, order it today so that you are ready to start training for your next race as soon as possible.
  • Second, start removing the large dust particles with your hands from the bicycle travel case.
  • Third, use a brush and a dust pan to remove those smaller particles from the bag.
  • Fourth, get a vacuum cleaner if available to clean the travel bag from the inside and outside.
  • Fifth, use a damp piece of cloth for wiping down the bicycle travel bag and look for any holes or tears in the bag at the same time. If the airline or shipping company has damaged your bag, you will want to file a claim as soon as possible. 
  • Sixth, put all of the bicycle travel bag components including screws and bolts back in their recommended positions per the instruction manual and store the bicycle bag somewhere safe such a basement. A plastic bag for screws, keys and nuts is a recommended practice as well. If there is no dirt on your bag, your job is done for now and the bag is ready to take your bicycle on its next tour.
  • Seventh, if mud is stuck to the outside or inside of the bicycle travel bag use a soft brush to clean it off. Using a soft brush is highly recommended to clean as a hard brush can damage the case. The hard brush can also shove tiny dirt particles deeper into the bag’s skin. If a brush is not enough to obtain the desired outlook of your bag, try some soap and water to clean it. Precaution is necessary while using soap, detergent, or other solvents because it can result in irreparable damage to your bicycle travel bag.
  • Note various bicycle travel bags are made of different materials. Not all the detergents, soaps, and washing solvents are ok for use. You should read the travel bag instructions book provided by the company or visit their website to learn more about the compatible cleaning material and method for bicycle travel bags. Some travel bags are sensitive to alcohol and soap. Precautions are mandatory to ensure the long life of your bicycle travel bag.
  • Finally once your cycling travel bag is cleaned off, parts are put away and the bike is back in one piece store your cycling travel bag in a dry dark place to avoid sun or water damage when not in use.

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