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The best kept travel secret is rental luggage. Ever think how much money you spend on luggage that you barely use? If you haven’t, you should. Luggage is expensive and can kill your travel budget quickly and before you even leave for your trip. 

Check out, we  are the #1 online luggage rental company.  Our service is simple, just shop our website for a piece of luggage that meets your needs. Select the time period you need the luggage for and enter your credit information. We do the rest. The luggage is shipped right to your door step. Once your rental period is up, just drop the luggage off at a FedEx location and place one of our provided shipping labels on the box. 

Overall, is a great source for cheap backpacks and cheap luggage. We also offer cheap golf travel covers for rent. 


I am an expert on rental luggage. I write posts to make your travel experience that much better. Feel free to send me a message. Glad to answer any question you have especially if it is about rental luggage such as golf travel bags, rooftop cargo bags, and backpacks

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