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Best Tips For Smooth Ski Travel This Winter

Best Tips For Smooth Ski Travel This Winter

Best Tips For Smooth Ski Travel This Winter

If you’ve ever traveled to go skiing, you know bringing your gear along brings on a whole lot of headaches and costs. It may actually discourage you from enjoying the slopes as often as you like. Hopefully, by sharing some of our best travel tips for skiers, we at Rent Luggage can help you find a better way to reach your ideal travel destination more often and save you time, money and energy.

Yakima FatCat Evo 6Ski Travel Tip 1: One of the biggest hesitations that people have about planning their ski trip is the costs associated with it. The reality is that you can find a ski vacation that fits your budget. You’ll just have to do your research and book ahead of time. Being flexible with your schedule can do wonders for finding a cheap resort to stay at. Ultimate flexibility with your ski destination and dates can reward you with the best rates available for your travel costs. Realize that the highest rates are going to be around the holidays. Opt for choosing dates that aren’t near any major holidays.

Ski Travel Tip 2: When it comes to staying at a ski resort, they know their customers. It’s no secret that traveling with all your gear can be costly. For this reason, many resorts actually offer a check bag credit. This credit will give you some reimbursement for the travel costs you paid to ship your luggage that contained your gear. Not all ski resorts and hotels offer this type of reimbursement service. However, it pays to ask around at potential lodging that you’re thinking of using as you want to take advantage of getting the credit if possible.

Ski Travel Tip 3: Realize that when you check-in luggage at the airport, their rates go by both size and weight. To avoid costly luggage bills, it’s a good idea to try to make your gear as small as possible. Your clothing, in particular, is typically easy to mold into a smaller bag. Many avid skiers will actually fold up their ski gear days ahead of time and place it under a heavy object. This will allow the air to escape out of your snow clothing and let them be able to be folded up even smaller. The smaller you can make your luggage, the cheaper it’s going to be.

Ski Travel Tip 4: Checking in your skis and other bulkier items can be a bit more expensive to do. One way that devoted skiers are getting around this is by shipping their gear ahead of time to their hotel destination. Depending on the distance and the ski carrier you chose, this could be cheaper than bringing your gear on the plane as luggage.

Ski Travel Tip 5: If you want to bring your furry friend along for your family vacation, it may seem like a difficult task at first. The thought of having Fito sticking his head out of the window and barking at every passing car all the way to Colorado can be an unpleasant thought. One of the best ways to safely travel with your pets is to put them in a traveling cage for the duration of the ride. This can give them comfort and allow them to relax during your long journey. It’s recommended that you bring current vaccination records for your pet so that you can easily cross state boards. In addition, it’s a good idea to do a few test runs with your furry friends to get them used to the road. Start with a couple of short trips and, then, take them out for a long drive to get them used to the feeling of being on the road.

Ski Travel Tip 6: The ski season is known to many across the United States. Car rental companies, airports, and ski resorts all know that tons of people are taking to the slopes. This time of year they tend to break out the biggest deals to steal your business from their competitors. This is why it pays to check around for ski-related discounts. Rental car companies, such as Hertz and Avis, offer discounts to those who are traveling for the ski season. Airports offer discounts on traveling with ski luggage. It pays to take some time to check out various service providers to see what discounts they can offer you for your next ski trip.

Ski Travel Tip 7: If you’re traveling with the family, you may just be able to cash in on free skiing for your kids. Many resorts are offering kids free passes to ski on their slopes. Some are even offering free training for kids. This can be a real game changer when it comes to affording your ski tickets. When you think about it, costs add up between lift tickets and entry tickets. By choosing a resort that offers free tickets to your kids, you can help to cut back on some of those unnecessary expenditures for your ski vacation.

Traveling in the ski season can be a fun experience when you know what you’re doing. The above tips are our best to help ensure that your next ski vacation goes as smoothly as possible. Remember that it’s about creating memories along with not putting a dent in your budget. Use these tips wisely to ensure that you can travel within your budget.

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