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Where to Rent a Bicycle Travel Case

Where to Rent a Bicycle Travel Case

Where to Rent a Bicycle Travel Case for an Upcoming Race or Move in Life

Thule Roundtrip Traveler Bicycle CaseAnswer: Your Living Room.

    • Just realized you need some help moving your bike from destination A to destination B?
    • Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bike travel case you are only going to utilize once or once every couple of years?
  • Looking to try something new and cutting edge that all your friends will think is cool? 

We at Rentluggage have the perfect solution that answers all of your questions and is simple and easy…

Solution: Rent Bike Case online. We have TONS of money and time saving bike case rental options to meet your biking, moving and adventure needs. All of our bicycle case rentals come with free return shipping so don’t worry about sending it back.  

Below are three easy steps to sign up for our rental services. 

Thule RoundTrip Traveler Case Dimension; bike case1. Go to to browse and select a bicycle case that meets your needs.

Here select a bike travel case from our rental bike case options that meets your needs, pick the period of time you need the rental for and when you need it delivered by. 

2. Relax as we ship the rental to your doorstep.

Once signed up, ships the pre-selected bike travel case right to your doorstep or office. 

3. Use and Return the Bicycle travel case. Your home will thank you.; rent Car Bike RackUse the rental bike case to travel the country. Don’t sweat installation. We have chosen bike cases that are easy to install on a multitude of bicycles. 

Once the rental period is up, simply place the rental bicycle case in the original shipping box and drop it off at your closest FedEx store. provides a prepaid shipping label with each rental so you only have to place the prepaid shipping label on the box. Just drop the rental box off. No need to wait in line to purchase shipping or create your own shipping label. 

Not ready to rent? No worries. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and we will send you great rental deals to use in the future so you know where to rent a bike case. 

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