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Why You Should Rent From Us and Not a Car Rental Ski Rack

Why You Should Rent From Us and Not a Car Rental Ski Rack

Rent From Us and Not a Car Rental Ski Rackcar rental ski rack


Below are some quick tips and facts about upcoming skiing season and why when it comes to a ski road trip a car rental ski rack is not the way to go.  Though to start, let’s play a little trivia. The winner gets  a great travel tip to tell their friends.

  • Trivia Question: What is the busiest skiing/snowboarding day in the United States?
  • Answer: New Years.
  • Travel Tip:  Rentluggage is proud to announce our new ski rental services. We are the cheaper and friendly alternative to a car rental ski rack or rental car.  No need to waste your precious time dealing with long lines, unfriendly people and dirty trucks.  In a few simple clicks from your couch, a ski rack can be rented from us and shipped right to you. Your typical car rental company can’t do this. Mail back on us for free when done.


Benefits of Rentluggage Helpful Ski Rack Rental Services 

  • Unlike a typical car rental, with our services you get to drive your own car with our rental ski racks.
  • We won’t yell at you or charge lots of money if you forget to fill up the gas tank like some car rental companies
  • No need to rent an expensive car that is dirty, smells and is tough to navigate.
  • Only pay a fraction to rent our ski carriers compared to an expensive rental car.

car rental ski rackWho Can Use Rentluggage Rental Services?

  • Anyone in the Continental United States. In particular, college students or college student parents get our ski racks delivered to the dorm room today for your winter break ski trip.
  • Simply sent our rentals back from your dorm room or apartment by dropping it off at the closest FedEx store. Either rental return option works.

What Type of Ski/Snowboard Rack is Right for My Car?  


How Does Rentluggage Work? 

  • One of the great things about our service is our snowboard/ski racks can be mailed back from anywhere in the Continental United States. For instance, receive the ski carrier in New York and send it back from California.
  • No need to hunt down a car rental store and wait in line to pick up or drop off.

Interested and want to learn more? Check out our ski/snowboard rack rental options.

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