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Yakima Freshtrack Ski Rack Fit Guide

Yakima FreshTrack 6 Skis; Yakima FreshTrack

Yakima Freshtrack Ski Rack Fit Guide

Trying to decide if the Yakima Freshtrack Ski Rack is right for your car’s roof as you plan your next ski trip? Aka is this compatible with my car so I can haul my skis?

Here is an unofficial guide to help in your search for the best ski rack. Overall, we are a big fan of this affordable Yakima ski rack in both its four and six ski models. 

Below we have created this helpful short compatibility four step guide to make your life easier so that you can figure out upfront if this Yakima ski/snowboard rack will work on your car’s roof.  Plan today so you can quickly install later. 

Let us know if you have further Yakima Freshtrack installation questions. We are glad to help make your installation easier.  

Step 1: Figure out what type of roof rack if any you have on your car’s roof

As you may know, roof options come in many different options. Below are the basic three options you will see. 

The Yakima Freshtrack rack will only work on cars with cross rails in option 3.

If you don’t have option 3, we do offer car rack systems you can use to attach a Yakima Freshtrack to your car as well.  See this guide to explain further.

Yakima FreshTrack 6

Step 2: Figure out the height and width of your cross rails themselves.

The Yakima Freshtrack has clamps that tighten to your cross rail system.  See below.

Maximum crossbar dimensions: 3-7/16″ wide x 1-3/4″ tall   and Minimum crossbar height: 5/8″

The Freshtrack track universal mounting system works with round, square, factory, and most aerodynamic shapped roof racks rails.

FatCat 6 Ski or Snowboard Rack

Step 3: Figure out the dimensions of your car’s roof.

The Yakima Freshtrack dimensions rail are as follows. You need a rail system that is in between these ranges or the Yakima Freshtrack won’t work on your car.

  • Minimum Crossbar Spread 12.00 inches
  • Maximum Crossbar Spread 36.00 inches

Step 4: Figure out how many skis or snowboards you want to store while driving to and from the mountain.

The Yakima freshtrack comes in two models either carrying 4 or 6 skis up to 120mm wide at the tip – or two or four snowboards. See below. 

Yakima FreshTrack 6 Skis; Yakima FreshTrack

FreshTrack 6 Boards ski rack

Freshtrack 6 Model can hold up to four snowboards. Pictured above is the Freshtrack 4 Model.

Want to buy the Freshtrack? Check out our buy option here. 

Want to rent the Freshtrack? Check out rent option here. 

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